Welcome To The EnigmaCraft Online Donation Store. Why should I donate? You should donate to this Server if you want to help support its endeavors. If you appreciate what we do and provide, donating is an option you should consider, as well you get added perks to say thank you. ------ About us; EnigmaCraft * Run by its original founders, since 2013. * Our hosts run there own network and servers, When something goes wrong, our hosts just walk into the data center and fix it themselves. * Our priority is quality. We invest more dollars per customer than ANY other Minecraft servers. * We have fully built our servers plugins from down to up and all hardware we use is custom selected. * We actually do listen to your feedback and suggestions. * We are NOT knee deep in debt, your donations are well used. * And last, you are donating with a solid company, not a fly-by-night/basement operation just to earn a few $. We appreciate you coming here to donate, or just to look around. As many may know it does cost quite a bit to provide such a nice server like EnigmaCraft, any donation is appreciated. Hope you enjoy the server, and keep coming back day after day, thank you for contributing to the community. ***Questions & Answers*** Q: How would I get a list of all my commands IN-GAME? A: Simply type in /Help after you bought your rank and you will get a list of commands, pages 1-60 depending on your rank. Q: I want to buy a package, where are they? A: Look up at the top of this webpage, all the package categories can be found there. Q: What will my donations go towards? A: All donations help keep the server running by helping to pay for our monthly bills. Q: Will I get my rank or instantly? A: On average, it takes no more than 5 minutes.

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